Emergency Services




Emergency Services
911 is here!

The System went live on June 16th, 1999. Otsego County Residents can use 911 or your 7 digit emergency number to summon Fire, Police or Medical Emergency Services. If you have not received a 911 address, please read the Rural Numbering System Information so you can be sure your address is properly updated and recorded.

Frequently Asked Questions about 911
  • What is 911?
    911 is an emergency telephone number you dial for access to police, fire and emergency medical services
  • When do I use 911?
    911 is designed for in-progress emergencies. Such as reporting a fire, a medical emergency where you need an ambulance, or an occuring crime.
  • When to not use 911
    You should use the Non-Emergency Contact Numbers for any situation that is not an immediate threat to life or property such as:
    • Lost or stolen items
    • Check on the welfare of someone
    • Road and weather conditions
    • Fireworks and displays
    • Fire Department Functions
    • Non-Emergency Medical transportation requests
    • Animal Complaints
    • Parking Issues
    • Complaint Status
  • Who answers my calls?
    Your call is answered at one location, at the Otsego County Public Safety Building, by a trained Emergency Dispatcher.
  • TDD/TTY - Hearing Impaired Callers
    All 911 Answering points are capable of communicating with TDD/TTY devices. If for some reason your TTY is unavailble, dial 911 and if the operator gets no response he or she will attempt to call back the number you have dialed from and if unable to reach anyone will dispatch Emergency Services Units to that address.
  • Can I use 911 from my Cellular Phone?
    911 calls originating from a Cellular phone are presently answered by the New York State Police. Unlike the land based system, dispatchers do not know where you are. 911 cellular is designed for emergencies and should NOT be used to obtain weather reports, road conditions, etc. When calling to report an emergency note mile markers, exits, closest intersections or landmarks.
  • House Numbers and the Rural Numbering System
    A great deal of work has been done to provide 911 service to you. One of the largest tasks is developing a uniform, locatable address system. It is very important that you display your address number in a prominent location where it can be viewed from the roadway. Without it emergency services cannot reading find you. Please post your number, if you have not already, as soon as possible. For more information on 911 Addresses or information on how to obtain one, please go to our Rural Numbering System Information Page.