Juvenile Fire Intervention Program

Juvenile Fire Intervention


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Otsego County
Juvenile Fire Intervention Program

"This program is dedicated to Michael Finneran , Founder , Director, and tireless advocate, who passed away August 16, 2011. He will be missed by all whose lives he touched."


In May of 1992 the Otsego County Juvenile Fire Intervention Program was established to deal with the problem of child-set fires in the county. At this point we knew that there was probably an existing problem, but didn't know the size or extent of the problem. We had little or no knowledge of what was necessary for the intervention process, or what the typical success rate would be of such a project.

Burnt House
It's not just child's play!

National statistics tell us that in 1994 more incendiary fires were set by children than by adults. 55% of all incendiary fires were the result of children. These fires cost over $1,000,000,000.00 in damages and over 450 lives. This is not a problem that can be walked away from. It is a rapidly growing problem, and if left unattended, will cause untold loss and suffering.