NY Connects of Otsego County

Where We Are

Located in Upstate New York, Otsego County, which is home to both the National Soccer and Baseball Hall of Fames, is a beautiful region with sprawling country side.  The NY Connects office is located approximately 10 minutes outside of Cooperstown at The Meadows Complex on County Route 33W.



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Otsego County

NY Connects of Otsego County covers all residents of Otsego County.  In certain circumstances, NY Connects can provide assistance to individuals residing outside of the local community.

As of December 6, 2006, the Placement Coordinators Office has changed to New York Connects of Otsego County.  Although our name has changed, the service we provide has not.

Agencies NY Connects Works With

Who We Are

NY Connects of Otsego County helps to provide living assistance to eligible individuals living within Otsego County.

Assistance is provided in the forms of In Home Care and Skilled Nursing facilities.