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Click here to view the final Mohawk Valley Regional Sustainability Plan.


Project Background:

The Cleaner, Greener Communities program was announced by Governor Cuomo in 2011 as a $100 million competitive grant program to encourage communities to develop regional sustainable growth strategies. The program is intended to provide the necessary resources for each region, as defined by
the boundaries of the Regional Economic Development Councils, to develop a comprehensive sustainability plan. The plans that result from this program will:

  • Establish a statewide sustainability planning framework that will aid in statewide infrastructure
    investment decision making
  • Outline specific and tangible actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions consistent with a goal
    of 80% carbon reductions by the year 2050
  • Inform municipal land use policies
  • Serve as a basis for local government infrastructure decision making
  • Help guide infrastructure investment of both public and private resources
  • Provide each region with a sustainability plan that will enable them to strategically identify and prioritize projects they submit for consideration to the Phase II Implementation Grant stage.


In Phase II of the Cleaner, Greener Communities program – the Implementation Grant stage – up to $90 million will be provided on a competitive basis statewide for implementation of specific projects that provide the greatest opportunities for achieving carbon reductions, energy efficiency savings, and renewable energy deployment consistent with a region’s sustainability and REDC strategic plans. Other actions identified in the plan may be eligible for funding from other sources.