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Cold weather is just around the corner! Tired of paying those high energy bills? Looking to save money but not sure where to start?

Energy Wise Otsego promotes energy conservation through public outreach & education.

Attend a FREE Energy Wise Otsego workshop and learn from experienced professionals how to save energy and money.

Energy Wise Otsego Workshops:

  • Teach residents how conservation and energy upgrades can help lower their utility bills and improve the safetly and comfort of their home
  • Teach residents what an energy audit is; how it tests for air leakage, heat loss, and health and safety concerns.
  • Share strategies to implement improvements.
  • Show residents where to go for financial assistance for these energy improvements.


To view schedule information or to schedule a workshop for YOUR community, call the Otsego County Planning Department @ (607) 547-4225 or OCCA @ (607) 547-4020

Link to OCCA's Energy Wise Webpage:


Registration for workshops is preferred and may be created & hosted by the OC Planning Dept.


Energy Wise Otsego Members:

• Karen Sullivan, Otsego County Planning Department

• Martha Clarvoe and Darla Youngs, OCCA

• Dannielle Joslin and John Carrigan, Opportunities for Otsego

• Antoinette Kuzminski,Sustainable Otsego

• Florence Carnahan, community representative

• Norm Farwell, Equity Energy