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The Corrections Division of the Sheriff's Office is currently consists of two Lieutenants, six Sergeants and 54 full and part-time corrections officers, they run the county's 100 bed jail facility. The Jail Facility has beds in both pod areas and conventional cells. Since the jail houses inmates ranging from violators of local ordinances to convicted murderers, it is a maximum security facility. Dozens of cameras and remotely controlled doors keep our jail very secure.   

Corrections Officers go through the New York State Basic School for Corrections Officers, as well as yearly in-service training. The basic corrections school, as well as in-service training, is conducted by the Training Unit. The jail is currently going through the steps to become accredited through the New York State Sheriff's Association.  





Richard J. Devlin, Jr.

Cameron S. Allison

Jail Administration:

Lt. Adam Tilbe

A-Line Sergeants 11p-7a

Sgt. Daryl O'Connor

Sgt. Jared Hubbard

B-Line Sergeants  7a -3p

Sgt. Eric Sheldon

Sgt. Ryan Salisbury

C-Line Sergeants  3p -11p

Sgt. James Raso

Sgt. Jonathan Welch

Sgt. Austin Wheeler

Supervising Facility Nurse

Lynn Baulch

Supervising Facility Cook

Wayne Granger

Phone: 607-547-4252


Fax:  607-547- 6494