Members - Otsego County Traffic Safety Board




Michael Adams NYS Department of Transportation
Undersheriff Cameron Allison Otsego County Sheriff's Office
Michael Butler, Assistant Chairperson AAA New York
Sgt. Dave Lennon NY State Police Troop C
Kathleen Chase Otsego County Department of Health
Sheriff Richard J. Devlin, Jr., Chairperson Otsego County Sheriff's Office
Chief Michael Covert Cooperstown Police Department
Lt. Douglas Brenner Oneonta Police
Sergeant Raymond Freer Otsego County Sheriff's Office
Chief DanIel P. Chambers SUNY Oneonta Police
Deputy Ronald Johnston , Administrative Officer Stop DWI
Richard J. Devlin, Sr. STOP-DWI Traffic Safety Assistant
Chief Pat Pidgeon Oneonta Fire / Rescue
Brian Pokorny Otsego County Information Technologies
Kevin Ritton, Secretary Otsego County Office of Emergency Services
Ronald Tiderencel Otsego County Highway
Coleen Vesely Bassett Medical Center